5 on the Fifth for October, 2014

5 on the Fifth is a collaborative effort coordinated by the popular blog Ben & Me. The idea is simple, on the 5th of every month a bunch of awesome bloggers will share 5 posts that spoke to us. Click on the red & white graphic below to see all of the shared posts.

5 on the Fifth

The fall is such an exciting and fun, yet hurried time. School starts, theatre starts, field trips start, birthdays galore, and did I mention our adoption will be final this month? Lots of crazy days and nights. I always choke around the end of September and question myself and my motivations. Whereas most people hit homeschool burn-out in February, I hit it about 3 weeks into the game 🙂

My 5 posts for October are all centered around one simple theme: simplifying and slowing down.

So, in no particular order, I present to you 5 blog posts that spoke to me in the last month

1. 10 ways you’re making your homeschool day harder than it needs to be by Jamie at Simple Homeschool.

I really loved this post. I nodded loudly with each point, except for us it’s rain and heat instead of snow…but anyhow. Read this one, you won’t regret it.

2. Boredom: The Lazy Parents Strategy for Inspiring Creativity from Project-Based Homeschooling

I really don’t like the title, even on days when I do feel that I am lazy…but I really do like the post itself and it’s an idea I agree with whole-heatedly.

3. The Un-Empty Nest

This post on Homeschool Mosaics, by my friend Valerie, is so sweet and really caused me to step back and think. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this family in real life for a long time, and they are truly remarkable.

4. Why I Homeschool, and What My Approach Is by Ree Drummond.

This is an old post but I love it. I’ve read it many times over the years and it always leaves me with a smile. This homeschooling thing is a journey for all who do it, and it’s ok that your journey looks different than mine.

5. Why We Quite Homeschooling by Multitaskin’ Mom

This! This! A million times, this!!!

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