2017 Educational Gift Guide (Gifts Under $15!)

2017 Educational Gift Guide (Gifts Under $15!)

I know, I know. Another blogger, another gift guide. Hang on to your hats, people, this gift guide is different! WHY? Because I’ve featured actual gifts my very own children (or grandchildren) have received from us and enjoyed! And the best part, as of the writing of this post every single one is under $15!

(note: affiliate links are in this post, also, I wasn’t asked to put any of this stuff here so you can be sure I’m only recommending products we actually use and love!)

2017 Educational Gift Guide Gifts for under $15

There may be affiliate links used in this post. Your purchase through these links costs you nothing extra and helps to support my family.



KNIFE SET – I feel it’s important for kids to learn how to use tools safely and responsibly, and that includes kitchen knives. As such, each of our kids has their very own knife to use when they help prepare dinner (or, in the case of some of my kids, make dinner on their own!) This set from Amazon Basics is especially loved here. The knives are light enough for small hands but still weighted for performance. They fun colors make them easy to identify and they each come with a sheath to protect the blade and fingers. If you’re looking for a knife set for kids who might not be ready for the real thing, this Nylon Kitchen Knife Set is a perfect way to introduce the safe use of these tools





DUDE DIARY – I am generally not a fan of gendered items BUT I made an exception this time. Why? Because my sons (12 & 11 at the moment) LOVE these books. My sons both live with dysgraphia and writing is difficult for them, and to do write anything at all they need some serious motivation. The Dude Diary series was something they found on their own and I couldn’t say no to the purchase because they wanted to write! The hilarious questions, quizzes, and writing prompts were exactly what they needed to learn that writing could be fun! There are several books in the series as well, meaning your kid will always have something fun to write in. If you’re looking for a similar diary that isnt gendered, check out Wreck This Journal, it’s very similar and just as awesome.





POCKET MICROSCOPE – WAIT! Before you keep scrolling, let me say that no one is going to tell you that a pocket microscope is going to replace a sturdy tabletop microscope, but pocket microscopes have their place! How many times have you been away from home and thought “I’d love to look at this under a microscope?” well now you can! This Carson pocket microscope may be small but it’s perfect for looking at bug without harming them, not to mention leaves and sticks and rocks and sand and dirt and water samples….





TELL TALE CARD GAME – This unique card game, by my favorite game maker Blue Orange, is one of those rare games that allows the entire family to play regardless of their age or reading level. That’s part of the reason why I love Blue Orange games so, so much. Tell Tale is a story-writing game with four game play options to keep it fresh every time. Your stories are limited only by your imagination!







GROW ‘N GLOW TERRARIUM – We bought this terrarium kit for our grandson last year and he had so much fun putting it together! (Yes, I know I look to young to have grandkids, ha! Regardless, I have two of them!) This kit comes with everything your child needs to create a fun, glow-in-the-dark terrarium. This terrarium kit grows chia and wheat grass seeds, both of which are edible and grow quickly. Everything you need to get started is inside the kit, including decorations.

Educational Gift Guide Gifts Under $15

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